TypeScript - Prisma - prisma-error-enum - An efficient and strict way of using Prisma's error code


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In the official document of Prisma - https://www.prisma.io/docs/reference/api-reference/error-reference#error-codes, all error codes had been described. But when I want to use it in my project, I must create many constant values. For example:


When doing this, I must write all the constant values by myself and this can cause some bugs like wrong code. For example, P2002 can become P202. Because we are human, being human can cause bugs!


You can use https://github.com/vinpac/prisma-error-enum.

From its document:

  • Installation:
pnpm add prisma-error-enum
  • Usage:
import { PrismaError } from 'prisma-error-enum'

const createUser = () => {
  try {
    return await prisma.user.create({
      data: {
  } catch (error) {
    if (
      error.code === PrismaError.UniqueConstraintViolation &&
      error.meta.target[0] === 'email'
    ) {
      throw new BetterError(
        'This email is already registered by another user',

    throw error

You can see PrismaError is actually a enum of Prisma errors. So we can easily use it by typing "." - the dot symbol after that enum. We can also see all the error codes that exist in Prisma.

You also can hover over that enum value to read error code:

Risk of prisma-error-enum solution

This solution has risks. Just because prisma-error-enum is not an official package, so when the official package's error codes are changed, this package becomes outdated. But I think the error code's value is never changed for Prisma versions compatible!

In the future, there is only the possibility that Prisma will add a new error code.